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Annual Practical Exam Test Site Fee

To remain in good standing as an active NWSA Practical Exam Test Site, all sites must submit an annual renewal form including payment of the annual practical test site fee. If running a variety of NWSA exams at the practical test site, only one test site fee is due annually. Organizations with more than one location must renew each location, including the annual fee separately. Candidate Score Sheets from Practical Test Sites that have not completed the renewal process including the annual fee will not be processed.

Practical Test Site Information

* Test Site Address :  
* Test Site City :  
* Test Site State :  
* Test Site Zip :  
Note: Physical address of where the exam(s) will be conducted; P.O. Boxes not acceptable.
* Is this application for a NEW or RENEWAL NWSA Practical Test Site?
* Is this for your FIRST NWSA Practical Test Site?
* Is this a secured site?
Note: A secured test site is a site that requires an additional security clearance or security procedures for off-site personnel.
Practical Exams Offered :  
* Number of Towers at Test Site :

Host Company Information

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Test Site Coordinator Information

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